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I, the LORD, am your RAPHA... 
137 North Main Street
Winchester, Kentucky  
your Healer.
JIM COUCH, MPT, ATC, MEd, Center Manager, Drayer Physical Therapy, Winchester, KY

Employed by Drayer Physical Therapy for 10 years

Drayer Physical Therapy has participated with Rapha Ministries since the clinic opened. It all started when I attended the open house for the new Rapha clinic in order to meet other medical providers in the community. While there I met Scott and Stacy Baker who shared their mission for the clinic. I was intrigued and moved by the whole experience and decided that I wanted to help. Drayer started offering extended services in 2006, and we are still participating with this worthy community service today.

Our relationship with Rapha Ministries has evolved naturally because our missions are similar. Drayer is a unique company with an unwavering commitment to the patients we serve and the staff we employ. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional physical therapy, but recognize that there is more to our services than just treating the physical aspect of our patients. Our goal is to make every patient experience upbeat and positive. Drayer works within a sports medicine model of care, guaranteeing appointment access within a 24 hour period if necessary. Our employees recognize the we are in the service industry, and we often stress our responsibility to be good stewards of our gifts and talents. This is not always easy or convenient. Drayer is also committed to the communities we serve by encouraging and supporting charity days for our employees that range from church medical outreach to Operation Santa Claus. 

The best part of working with Rapha is knowing we are providing a service to a person that is genuinely in need and otherwise would be denied care. The patients are always very appreciative, which makes helping even easier. Personally though, I feel that helping others can be powerful and contagious. One good deed inspires another. Just imagine how great our world would be if we all chose to do something positive to help another in need rather than choosing to look the other way, or worse yet, opt to do something negative.

I would say to those considering joining the Rapha team, “Try it, enjoy it, and inspire someone else to help in their own way.”

We are thankful for every person who gives of their time, professional knowledge and personal talents to give quality care to each patient seen in our clinic.
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