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I, the LORD, am your RAPHA... 
137 North Main Street
Winchester, Kentucky  
your Healer.
The Gathering
The Gathering, a new facet of Rapha Ministries, was launched in December 2010. This ministry dimension was birthed to provide Rapha patients a warm, comfortable place “to gather.” During these events, patients are provided a healthy home cooked meal while they fellowship with one another and any volunteers that are present. In addition, we sing songs of praise and worship and listen to a devotional that shares a scriptural truth. Thus far, the Gatherings have been both sweet and joyous as patients and volunteers alike join in community and share not only a meal together, but also our life journeys together. As we build relationship with one another, patients’ (and volunteers’) self-made walls and barriers seem to disappear, allowing a vulnerability and transparency. Within those precious moments of “rawness,” God demonstrates His unfailing love as he ministers hope and healing.  

Check our monthly calendar for dates and times.