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I, the LORD, am your RAPHA... 
137 North Main Street
Winchester, Kentucky  
your Healer.
How To Make An Appointment

Contact DCBS (Department for Community Based Services) at 737-7730
1113 Pioneer Drive, Winchester, KY

1) Obtain Medicaid Denial Letter

2 ) Apply for Kentucky Physicians Care Approval/Denial Letter

Bring or mail these items to Rapha Ministries to schedule a new patient appointment at 137 North Main Street, Winchester, KY 40391.

About Your Visit

New patients come 30 minutes early to fill out a health history form that may take some time. Bring all your current medications, any pertinent medical records, KPC (Kentucky Physician's Care Program) approval letter and a valid ID.

1) Write down any symptoms or questions ahead of time. It is easy to forget things when you are at the doctor’s office.

2) Always bring a current list of medications and dosages.

3) Keep your appointment. If you find that you have a conflict, call 24 hours prior to appointment time to cancel/reschedule.  Please, do not miss your appointment without calling us. $5 will be charged at your next visit if you fail to show up without cancelling. This is very important: if you miss three appointments without notification, we reserve the right to dismiss you as a patient.
Prescription Assistance
Rapha Ministries works diligently with our patient base to help access medications through patient assistance programs, Health Kentucky/KPC (1-800-633-8100) and the Clark County Prescription Assistance Program (859-744-1488).