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I, the LORD, am your RAPHA... 
137 North Main Street
Winchester, Kentucky  
your Healer.
Rapha Ministries offers primary healthcare, pharmaceutical, laboratory and radiology services to adults and children, who are uninsured, do not receive governmental medical assistance and/or have no financial resources to afford medical care. We are not a walk-in clinic. Visits are by appointment only. 

  • Primary healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical Assistance
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
Welcome to RAPHA!
Serving Clark County Since 2006

"We couldn’t have done 
it without you."

-Board of Rapha Ministries 
to our donors and supporters!

The purpose of Rapha Ministries is to honor and glorify God by providing quality medical care to uninsured individuals in Clark County while also ministering to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.